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Djibouti: Restoring Family Links for Yemeni refugees

Since the escalation of the conflict in Yemen in March 2015, Yemenis, as well as refugees, migrants and other third country nationals in Yemen who had the means to leave the country have fled to surrounding countries such as Djibouti and Somalia.

To respond to the restoring family links needs of around 1700 registered refugees in Djibouti, the Red Crescent Society of Djibouti has set up Safe & Well phone call services in Port Djibouti as well as in several locations in Obok town and at the Markazi refugee camp nearby with the support of the ICRC.

Diana Araújo, an RFL expert from the Portuguese Red Cross, carried out a support mission to help strengthen the RFL response of the Red Crescent Society of Djibouti and brought back the pictures in the photo gallery below.

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