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In addition to looking for family members, restoring and maintaining contact and reuniting families, restoring family links can involve other activities.

The travel document issued by
ICRC to meet specific humanitarian
needs. In 2013 the ICRC issued 
over 4,000 travel documents
around the world.
Depending on the circumstances, the Family Links Network also helps to:
  • transmit official documents, such as birth certificates, identity papers or various other certificates issued by the authorities;
  • issue attestations of detention and attestations of individual registration in other circumstances, documents stating that a certain service was provided, and attestations relating to World War II from the ICRC archives (please note that only requests of a humanitarian nature are accepted) and the International Tracing Service (ITS);
  • issue an ICRC travel document (a document for people who have no valid identity papers, enabling them to return to their country of origin or habitual residence or to go to a country which is willing to receive them);
  • follow up on and support the integration of people who have been reunited with their family members;
  • promote and support the establishment of mechanisms to clarify the fate and whereabouts of persons unaccounted for;
  • collect, manage and forward information on the dead (location, recovery and identification).

Each country page on this website contains country-specific information on these issues.

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